Dec. 28th, 2013 06:51 pm
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Dia de los inocentes (our version of April Fool's Day) is on the march. Here's to hoping it doesn't end with something on fire/someone on the emergency room as it happens every year, because I live with heathens.

In other news, someone needs to do a Niki Lauda/James Hunt Rush fanvid with this song:

Also, I most definitely do not think that RL Lauda, for being a bloke who honest to God looked like a rat, was unexplicably, bafflingly cute, or that he and Hunt were kind of adorable together, because I do not RPS, all right?
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Apparently, though he remains adamant we should not have rights, at least Pope Francis doesn't resent our mere existence, which I'm sure will be a great dissapointment to all who claim to hate us because God told them to.

"If someone is gay, who am I to judge?" Not enough, but better than old Palpatine, sure...
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Here's to hoping it's not true, but apparently someone (by what I mean a cleric, what a shock) is pitching a law that would allow husbands to have "farewell sex" with their dead wives up to six hours after their deaths.

Also, there's advocating for allowing marriage at age fourteen and revoking a law that allows women to ask for divorce. Lovely...
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Daniel was forced to tell his brother he didn't want him to move out the house, like, telling him HE WOULD ACTUALLY CARE HE WENT AWAY AND MISS HIM AND STUFF, and spend the rest of the day glaring murder at everything around him. He's so cute. Complete with Julian giggling like mad and Daniel chasing him around to cuff him in the head because socking him will somehow cancel out the sentimental stuff. OH BOYS. *lol*


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